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Autonomous Marine Systems: JETsense guided by Sea Machines
75 views Featured
International WorkBoat Show 2021 featured all-new videos showcasing products and...
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SM400 Advanced Perception & Situational Awareness
70 views Featured
Sea Machines' SM400 is an AI-powered system that brings together long-range comp...
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Autonomous Systems For Marine: SM300 Demonstration
92 views Featured
This on-demand demonstration showcases a variety of Sea Machines' autonomous and...
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Huntington Ingalls Industries Debuts Proteus Unmanned Surface Test Vessel
81 views Featured
Huntington Ingalls Industries debuted the Proteus unmanned surface vessel (USV)...
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SM300: Obstacle Detection and Avoidance
91 views Featured
Sea Machines autonomous marine technology can be installed aboard existing or ne...
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Sea Machines Robotics - Autonomous Systems - For USV/AUV Operations
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A video depicting an unmanned surface vessel (USV) using Sea Machines Robotics a...