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Autonomous Vessel Testing off Gloucester July 22 - Shark Week!
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Sea Machines autonomous vessel testing off Gloucester, Mass, 25m of water. A lar...
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Autonomous Vessel Technology Enhances Oil-Spill Response and Recovery Efforts
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Among the sectors that will benefit from advancements in autonomous surface vess...
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Sea Machines - The Power of Marine Autonomy Systems
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Sea Machines builds Autonomous Control Systems for boats & ships, enabling the n...
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Introducing the SEA MACHINES 300 - Autonomous Command System for Workboats
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Sea Machines is pleased to announce the launch of the SEA MACHINES 300 autonomy...
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Sea Machines Robotics - SMR300 - Autonomy Retrofit System Testing
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1st day of system shake down and testing on Sea Machines vessel STEADFAST. She's...
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Sea Machines Robotics - Autonomous Systems - For USV/AUV Operations
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A video depicting an unmanned surface vessel (USV) using Sea Machines Robotics a...