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Massive US Helicopter Lands on Water During Special Forces Operation
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Welcome back to the Daily Aviation for a feature on CH-47 Chinook one of the few...
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How does a Cargo Helicopter work? (CH-47 Chinook) Heavy Cargo Transporter.@Learn from the base
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#b3d #helicopter #military Play World of Tanks here: Th...
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Here Comes the New MH-47G Chinook Helicopter
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The the New MH-47G Block II Chinook Helicopter will replace older MH-47E helicop...
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? US Army Boeing CH 47 Chinook and AH64 Apache , test, start up and take off at Nancy airport
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US Army Boeing CH 47 Chinook and AH64 Apache, test, start up and take off at Nan...
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Boeing Chinook Assembly
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Watch as a #Chinook moves from airframe to aircraft! We recently built and deliv...
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Air Force names newest helicopter ‘Grey Wolf’
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Credit: Staff Sgt. Philip Bryant | Date Taken: 12/19/2019 Air Force Global Strik...