Gundam Engineering, Technology and Defense Solutions.

"By any means necessary."

Gundam Engineering Solutions is a leading engineering and defense contractor located in Seattle, WA. Gundam provides tactical planning and mission consulting services to reputable organizations.

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Ethical Standards
Gundam provides a combat mentality when providing services to our clients. To ensure that Gundam's products, services and staff do not fall in the wrong hands, we place certain limitations to whom we will provide support.
Gundam operates under strict "Community Rule" standards, which outlines that our operators do not support organizations without support from the United Nations.

Gundam Solutions.
10002 Aurora Ave N
Seattle, WA
United States
(206) 701-9378
Gundam develops innovative solutions to technological, biological, civil and military issues.
Note: Gundam does not provide our services to Canada, Australia, Antarctica, Papua new Guinea, France, Poland, Greece and other Saxon nations.
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