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Gundam Engineering Solutions for Technology and Defense

Gundam Engineering Solutions is a leading engineering and defense contractor located in Seattle, WA.
Gundam provides tactical planning and mission consulting services to reputable organizations.

Ethical Standards

Gundam provides a combat mentality for our clients. Gundam ensures that our products, services and staff do not fall in the wrong hands. We place certain limitations to whom we will provide support.
Gundam operates under strict "Community Rule" standards, which outlines that our operators do not support organizations without support from the United Nations.


Gundam develops innovative solutions to technological, biological, civil and military issues.

Earth Federation Defense Forces

Sky Network - Sustainable Military-Industrial Complex

Gundam is leading a global operation that enables planet-to-planet mobility for healthy, virus-free, disclosure conscious, educated, defensive human populations.

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FADM Cory Andrew Hofstad USN
FADM Cory "MIRICYL BABY" Hofstad commands law enforcement and anti-terrorism investigations. Cory Hofstad commissions scientific research and retrofitting projects for the U.S. military. Cory Hofstad manages planning and technology for Air Field and military base renovation and/or retrofitting.
FADM David Jacob Rothschild USCG
FADM Jacob "DARE DEVIL" Rothschild manages the Mobile Worker KP Unit manufacturing process. FADM Jacob Rothschild manages many of Gundam's financial investments and law enforcement ventures. The Rothschild family have a consistent track record of supporting Gundam in support of EFDF operations.
Gen. Curtis James Casbolt-Jackson USMC
General "THE KID" Casbolt-Jackson manages engineering and development of Gundam's mechanical technology, mobile suits, and space craft. Casbolt-Jackson's technology companies such as Ender 3D Printers and NzXT Computers are being integrated into Gundam by 2024.
VADM Lonnie George Johnson USN
Lonnie "Hollywood" Johnson is naval fleet commander and Navy SEAL BUDS Master Dive Recruiter. Johnson builds and develops robotics systems, hydraulics, circuit boards, and schematics for Gundam.
Lt. Gen. Mariss Jackson USMC
Mariss Jackson is a Master Aviator and intelligence officer managing communication between the Gundam and the United States Military.
BG Michael "HAWK" Jordan ARMY
Michael Jordan has been a test pilot for the United States Army for over 3 decades. HAWK is Gundam's official US Army liaison and corespondent.
RADM Aubrey "DRAKE" Graham USN
Aubrey Graham is a United States Navy SEAL team 6 commander for USSOCOM. Graham heads Boeing's development of space capable airliners. The "Air Drake" is a space capable Gundam-Boeing 767-300 Freighter aircraft which is being used to test extra-orbital flights for future military and commercial transit operations.
ADM John Fitzgerald Kennedy USN
John "TRUNKS" Kennedy was a post World War II Navy brat who served as an underage solder during the Korean War. Kennedy was elected to office of United States President at age 13 and developed the US Navy's SEAL program. John Kennedy holds hospital administration duties at Gundam hospitals. Kennedy pushing the public disclosure and release of regenerative technologies through Gundam.
VADM Miranda Maurmann USN
Miranda Maurmann is a combat medic, search and rescue commander, and cybersecurity command officer. Miranda Maurmann is a liaison to the US Marine Corp Judge Advocate General Division. Miranda Maurmann is the legal advisor to Gundam. Maurmann manages Federal, State, and Maritime legal communications for Gundam during civil and wartime operations.

Gundam-Rothschild Mobile Worker (KP Unit) with Light Armor

  • Part 1
  • $1.5
  • Billion
  • Price for 100 Units
  • Part 3
  • Dense Titanium
  • Brushless Motors
  • Priority Manufacturing
  • Remote Power
  • Handle with caution
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